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died. >>> the way people get an education is changing radically. the internet has made the traditional classroom or lecture hall unnecessary. one nonprofit group is offering children in the developing world and elsewhere a chance to receive a first-rate education free. the concept is catching on with top-notch schools. >> the american nonprofit organization ignited the growth of free online classes. the founder has recorded all kinds of educational videos. they include math, physics, and art and history. the videos are free. >> just because people like, i think, the conversational tone. >> this video help s students learn basic addition. >> so we go one, two, three, four. we ended up at 7. that was our answer. >> it has been played more than two million times. altogether, there are around 5,000 videos. most are for elementary and junior high school students. khan used to be an analyst for a hedge fund. then, young relatives in distant places asked him to teach them arithmetic. so he made a video and posted it on the web. that was how he started his career in online education. people fo
and an improvement in the education system. >> can the government actually come up with bold policies if these vested interests actually come up against opposition? >> well, what is happening in china right now, the leaders in beijing are trying to leverage the state council's recent proposal to try to consolidate and amplify public opinion ahead of the meeting that's supposed to reform. we're pretty skeptical these measures will be adequately addressed in a four-day weekend, but we're convinced china can achieve a consumer-driven economy. we believe policies next week that would address the social security system, to address the family registration system and the land right policies will help china move forward on its economic rebalancing act. >> the third plenary session will begin on saturday next week in beijing. >>> japan's new car sales rose in october for the second straight month. that was due to strong demand for mini vehicles and introduction of new hybrid models. auto industry officials say sales totalled more than 420,000 vehicles last month, up 17% year on year. auto sales had been slowi
a month to about two weeks. visa seekers who work in fields such as business, education, and culture no longer have to submit invitation letters issued by the russian government. multiple entry visas will also be extended from one to three years. the number of japanese firms that have made inroads into russia has more than doubled in the last ten years. and the japanese foreign ministry says it expects that trend to gather speed. >>> iran's supreme leader has backed his president's push for nuclear negotiations. 8 toll ayatollah khomenei warned hard-liners not to accuse president rouhani of compromising with the united states. he recalled the seizure in 1979 of the u.s. embassy in iran. he said young irann called the embassy a den of spies. he said they were ahead of their time after recent allegations about u.s. intelligence activities. but he said no one should consider iranian negotiators as compromisers. they'll resume nuclear talks on thursday with their counterparts from six world powers, including the u.s. >> translator: these negotiators are on a difficult mission, and they'r
on children. nearly 3 million are at risk. many lack safe drinking water, health care and education. 2 out of 3 children have had to leave school. more than 1 million have fled the country with their families. 2 out of 5 of those children have no access to education. >>> now together in this studio is edward chiban, unicef's director for emergency programs. he's in charge of coordinating assistance in and outside of the country. thank you for coming to the studio today. you have just heard those numbers. what's the reality behind them? >> well, the reality behind those numbers is really children are at the center of this crisis. we have over 4 million that have been directly affected by the conflict. that's more than twice the population of tokyo's children. imagine, each one of them affected by the conflict. we're talking about children that no long ver access to health services, that have not been immunized in two years. children that have dropped out of school. we estimate inside syria more than 2 million children have dropped out of education. and behind those numbers, each of these ch
. unicef says many lack safe drinking water, health care and education. two out of three children have had to leave school. more than a million have fled the country with their families, two out of five of those children have no access to education. cases of polio have been reported in the country's eastern province. the head of unicef's emergency coordination says they have just started an immunization campaign but they don't know if they can >> the most urgent right now is to access those children both inside syria and subregion with health services, making sure those health services can go crossline to reach children wherever they are. >> reporter: with increasingly fractious opposition groups dividing the country, the number of children with no access to outside support is on the rise. but the apparently successful mission of u.n. chemical weapons inspectors inside syria has given some hope to humanitarian aid groups, including unicef. >> the importance of advocating with those with influence on the parties to the conflict, to allow access for humanitarian aid workers, the chemical wea
in the transpacific free trade talks. >>> google launches education for students. google started the program jointly with a non profit organization. the company's executive chairman eric schmitt visited a high school tuesday to mark the occasion. >> it's interesting that japan is fourth or so in the world in science education which is great. united states is way low. >> he told the students japan has the potential and technology to be a leader in soft wire development. he encouraged them to study and help each other find a solution when faced with a challenge. students tried out computer programming with the mpo staff using a $30 pc developed in britain. they learned developing skills to make the cats on the screen move freely. >> translator: i've never done computer programming so i assumed it was difficult. when i tried it, it was really fun. >> google plans to make the program available for more than 25,000 children across japan over the next year. >>> the reserve bank of india is trying to combat rising prices in asia's second most popular economy. it decided to raise the key interest rate tuesd
such as the economy, politics and education. iceland tops the organization aegs list for the fifth straight year followed by finland and norway and sweden of the philippines in fifth place, the highest ranking in asia. japan's ranking is the lowest among major economies. the poor showing is blamed on a drop in the number of female lawmakers. world economic forum representatives say there's almost no gender gap in japan when it comes to access to education and health care. but they point to big gaps in economic participation, wage equality and promotion to management positions. muslim nations had some of the survey's lowest rankings. pakistan is 135th on the list and yemen is last at 136. >>> next let's take a brief look at the market figures. >>> and now here's the 3-day outlook on the weather around the globe. . >>> that wraps up this edition of "newsline." i'm raja pradhan in tokyo. from all of us at nhk world, thanks for watching and have a good day wherever you are. tavis: good evening. from los angeles, i am tavis smiley. tonight a conversation with john nichols about his new book "dollaroc
year, the education and sports ministry plans to divide the country into three regions, each with its own headquarters. connecting local governments like this should make the easier to spot promising young athletes. >> translator: by further improving the programs we hope we can find many more potential medalists out there. our number one aim to nurture our young athletes as a part team japan. >> reporter: the race is on and the click is ticking with just seven years to go until the tokyo olympics, the process of discovering and nurturing young sporting talent requires teamwork on the national level. >> all right. well, disaster prevention special ilss say a major earthquake expected to it will central and western japan could be more devastating than predetected. a powerful quake in the trough ought dpl the pacific ocean would unleash towering tsunami and special ilss say more than 130,000 people could die in the western prefecture of osaka alone. that's much higher than previous estimates. nhk has this report. >> reporter: officials with the central government estimated that 323,000
household incomes of neighborhoods. the residents' educational backgrounds. even tir marital status. he can tap into the open data provided by the national census and the local tax office. it's possible to find information about a specific area. >> our type of service we can provide to the client makes a difference and now with this in there we have more tools to provide a better service to the client. >> reporter: a japanese company has started a new service making use of public and private sector data. the venture company calil has six employees. it provides a service that allows users to check the availability of books in thousands of public libraries around japan. by entering the title of a book and key words, a user can find out which library has the book and whether it is currently available. the service began only three years ago but already some 400,000 people use it each month. this man is the president of calil. he uses data provided by public libraries around japan. his site displays the content of books and cover images by combining the open data with information obtained from m
prefectures and cities. but they are still at the local level. from next year, the education and sports ministry plans to divide the country into three regions, each with its own headquarters. connecting local governments like this should make it easier to spotromising young athletes. >> by further improving the programs, we hope we can find many more potential medallists out there. it's our number one aim, to nurture our young athletes as part of team japan. >> the race is on, and the clock is ticking. with just seven years to go until the tokyo olympics, the process of discovering and nurturing young sporting talent will require team work on the national level. >> bank of japan policymakers have unanimously decided to maintain their current monetary easing measures introduced in april. boj policy makers are aiming to move the country out of deflation. they also discussed the economic and price outlook between now and fiscal 2015. details of the meeting will be announced later in the day. >>> all right, time now to check skies across the globe. now thlet's turn to the latest the storm
-high school education. ren says wages are not his main consideration. and he's not ready to give up. he continues to send his resumes to potential employers. >> translator: nobody wants to give up their dream. mine is to find a job that i really want to do. >> reporter: the number of university students in china will keep rising. finding work for the country's best minds is essential for the nation's advancement. nhk world. >>> an extremely powerful winds are causing severe situations in europe today. let's turn to mai shoji at the weather desk for the latest. >> hello there. it's halloween week. a freakish storm is affecting and battering most of northern europe. take a look at this video coming out from a couple of places. belgians hunkered down on monday and faced hurricane-force winds. take a look at this. a savage coastal storm, strongest in years and more than a dozen people lost their lives in europe. travelers were left stranded at brussels airport. meanwhile, gusts of 160 kilometers per hour recorded in southern england. hundreds of trees were knocked down and public transporta
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11